About us

About us

Shenyang Guolian Cable Accessories Manufacture Co., Ltd. is located in Shenyang, the capital city of Liaoning Province.


Located in Shenyang (Zhangshi) Economic & Technological Development Area, Shenyang Guolian Cable Accessories Manufacture Co., Ltd. is keystone hi-tech enterprise in Shenyang City, with a land area of 56,000sq.m, advanced imported production equipment and domestic topping talents researching cable accessories. Seeing “quality first” as tenet, the company wins trust from clients. Through years of technological development, the company always keeps ahead in the industry.


The company carefully implements ISO9001 Quality Management System, and designs and manufactures products strictly complying with JB/T8144-1995, GB/T11017, and IEC60840 standards. In addition, the company also designs and manufactures products according to other standards.


Category 1: 66, 110 and 220KV cable accessories: porcelain shell type cable termination, silicon rubber composite termination, silicon rubber dry termination, common GIS cable termination, oil immersed transformer termination, plug-in GIS termination, insulated joint and through joint.


Category 2: 1-35KV heat shrink/cold shrink outdoor and indoor cable termination, common joint, and submarine intermediate joint.


Category 3: 20KV plug-in quick joint for cable and Z75KV cable termination joint for dirt filter.


Category 4: Various cable cleats, electric substation fittings, solid earthing cases, protective earthing cases, cross-connect cases, earthing cables, coaxial cables, control cables and power cables.

Shenyang Guolian

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