Paying attention to the demonstration role of e-commerce development in central power enterprises

2019/04/04 09:30
China Power News Network reporter Zhu Yi reported that on April 3, the Central Enterprise E-Commerce Alliance (hereinafter referred to as the “Central Enterprise E-Commerce Alliance”) held its 2019 annual work conference in Tianjin Binhai New Area and released the “2018 Annual Development Study of Central Enterprise E-Commerce Alliance”. Report, summarizing the development of e-commerce business of central enterprises in 2018, pointing out that e-commerce has become an important starting point for the high-quality development of the main business of central enterprises, in e-commerce procurement, social services, precision poverty alleviation, and the development of “One Belt, One Road” The demonstration belt is prominent. At the meeting, Yan Huafeng, general manager of the alliance director unit and State Grid E-commerce Co., Ltd. (State Grid Xiong'an Financial Technology Group), Fan Tao, secretary general of the alliance and deputy director of the Internet Department of State Grid Corporation, respectively introduced the work results of the central enterprise e-commerce alliance and Key work arrangements for 2019. It is reported that the current enterprise e-commerce alliance has reached 129 member units, achieving full coverage of strategic industries. All member units have cooperated and achieved outstanding results in joint bargaining, cross-border e-commerce, and precision poverty alleviation. The alliance has become a state-owned enterprise. The important link between the cohesive force and coordinated development of the state-owned e-commerce industry. In 2019, the alliance will build a unified platform, deepen the cooperation mechanism, strengthen resource sharing, standard setting, reuse of bidding results, construction of smart logistics system, cross-border resource sharing, business travel management application, payment system construction, big data public service platform, Ten areas of enterprise joint credit evaluation, network information security guarantee, and alliance blockchain construction will focus on strengthening the internal cooperation of the alliance, strengthening endogenous power, and striving to promote the high-quality coordinated development of central enterprises.
The report pointed out that in 2018, the digital economy led China's e-commerce to grow steadily, with e-commerce transactions amounting to 31.63 trillion yuan and online retail sales reaching 9.01 trillion yuan. China's largest and most dynamic e-commerce market position in the world . The e-commerce of central enterprises has developed rapidly, the scale of transactions has been continuously expanded, and the popularity and influence have been continuously enhanced. Especially the establishment of the central enterprise e-commerce alliance has played an active role in the coordination of central enterprises' e-commerce business, resource sharing and model innovation. The new formats and new models have emerged, and have become an important starting point for the high-quality development of the central enterprises.
In the next step, the Central Enterprise E-Commerce Alliance will continue to strengthen its responsibilities, comprehensively promote pragmatic cooperation, create a shared and win-win cooperation and cooperation platform, build a symbiotic and co-prosperous digital economic community, and enable e-commerce to empower state-owned SOEs to achieve high-quality innovation and development. It will promote the coordinated development of upstream and downstream industries and serve the overall situation of economic and social development.